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10 Reasons “NOT” to work in Grand Junction Colorado

These are my top 10 reasons why you should seriously consider not working and living in Grand Junction Colorado.


1. It’s impossible to decide which amazing trail you want to hike next

Grand Junction and the surrounding areas offer an almost endless selection of incredible trails to hike and bike. The only difficulty is deciding which one to hike next.




2. It’s hard to find flip flops which match your parka

Grand Junction can put the fashion police on double-red alert. We enjoy going out in late December wearing flip flops, jogging shorts, and a parka layered with two sweaters and Bronco jersey.




3. You can’t decide which passion to pursue

What do you plan to do this weekend? Mountain bike, raft, hike, arrowhead hunt (okay, it’s a no no, but people still do it), skydive? We have an endless number of fun and interesting things which can be done year round. Deciding which one can give you a headache.



4. Dealing with the 7-minute commute to work

On any given day, the drive from home to work takes a whopping seven minutes. Most people I know experience about the same travel time. Okay, my brother lives on Little Park and works at the East end of town, so he drives roughly 20 minutes.
A friend of mine from Los Angeles says depending on what time he left the house, the drive to work could take anywhere from one to two hours. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


5. Dealing with so many services close to your house

My home is in a fairly “residential” area of the valley. Even at that, I can go to the grocery store, the gym, the auto parts store, and several restaurants, all without having to get in my car. Almost anything I need can be found within a few blocks of my house.

6. Some kids have to walk to school

Yes, it’s true. Some kids actually have to endure walking to school. It may have something to do with the proximity of schools, combined with our moderate weather and lack of heavy traffic.

Families in some parts of the country cringe at the idea of a child actually walking to school. Here, it’s a valid, and appealing option for some.


7. We don’t have some of the things you’ll find in larger cities

That’s right, we don’t have the crime, congestion, and out of control housing problems found in Denver. We do, however, have access to all the great things Denver has to offer, such as concerts, arts, museums, and larger learning institutions. Yes, you have to make the drive over the mountain to get to them, a task which seems to take longer every time you drive it. Just the same, it’s worth it to drive to Denver to catch the Keith Urban concert, and then head back to GJ and leave all the negatives behind.

8. You must always wear sunglasses

Snow days are bright, spring time bright, the sky is always blue . . . so annoying.


9. Hard to choose a favorite restaurant

More and more options are springing up every day. If you’re into the mom and pop restaurants, you’ll find plenty of those. Perhaps you prefer chains. It seems Grand Junction has become something of a hot spot for the big boys. New franchises are moving into the Valley right and left. Now it’s just a matter of making up your mind which one to visit.



10. Once you’re here, you’re stuck

Take a look around. It’s hard to find a better place to live. If circumstances required me to leave Grand Junction, the only places I could imagine living would be either San Antonio or Bismark. A friend has asked me to move to Las Vegas on several occasions. It’s a nice place to visit, but I couldn’t imagine living there.

Give serious thought before moving to Grand Junction. When you look at all the amazing things you can do at any given time, it’s virtually impossible to narrow it down to one. Quite frankly, it can give you a headache. Don’t forget, once you’re here, you can’t leave. Think twice.



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