As small business owners ourselves, we understand the value of three objectives:  (1) quality work, (2) client relationships and (3) top line revenue.  Businesses that achieve those three objectives in some combination succeed; the better they combine those three objectives into an identifiable business model, the more impressive their success.  Companies that understand, but struggle to achieve those three objectives will remain in business as long as their owners have staying power, but they will eventually fail.  Those businesses that don’t identify those three objectives as important rarely get out of the gate.

At Strike Gold Marketing (SGM), we work with our clients to build those three objectives into their culture in appropriate measures.  We find that most businesses understand the value of quality work, and most also know how important client relationships can be.  However, few businesses go the extra step to combine those objectives with a specific plan to increase their top line revenue; the failure to take that extra step is often the first, but not the biggest, hurdle that they must overcome.  SGM helps a client overcome that first challenge by focusing on how to help it use the quality of its work and the strength of its client relationships, to increase its top line revenue.

While many businesses might stop there, thinking that the increase in their top line revenue is a great place to be, SGM sees that as just the beginning.  From that solid starting place, SGM begins to work with each client to help it strike the delicate balance of paying enough attention to the quality of its work, spending the time and money it takes to acknowledge its key clients. Lastly, of making certain it gets paid (and collects) a fair price for its services.  The best business models, and the most successful businesses, work in a place where those three objectives are in balance and blend seamlessly for the benefit of the clients, the business and its employees and, especially, for the owners who take the risk to make it all happen.

SGM’s founders have a unique blend of real world experience, education and common sense to know how to strike such a balance for its clients, whether they provide a service or a product, whether they sell online or face to face, and whether their annual revenue is five figures, six figures or more.  Jodi Skees, SGM’s Director of Marketing, has owned and operated a multi-million dollar company and gained much of what SGM provides to clients through her own hard work and lessons learned.  Her partners have decades of experience as entrepreneurs themselves and are trained in marketing, business finance and the law.  Together, SGM’s principals have utilized the same concepts that they now share with each client that is serious about developing a business model that generates the maximum amount of top line revenue. That is possible in its market, while never sacrificing the quality of the work it does or forgetting the relationships that it has built.

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